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How to seasac

There are so many uses for your clever seasac beachbag, even when you are not at the beach.


The large beach bag with so many uses

The seasac has been designed to carry everything you need for a full day out at the beach, and even when you are not even at the beach, you can still find many ways to use it. How will you use your seasac?

Wetsuit Bag

Big enough to fit a couple of wetsuits plus towels, boots, gloves... use your seascac to carry wetsuits and more to the beach or for a handy addition to a surfing trip. 

Dryrobe Bag 

Dryrobes are great and we love to cosy up in ours after a dip in the sea, but we have to admit, they are a little bulky and don't come with their own bag. The seasac offers the perfect solution to carrying your dryrobe. Big enough to fit two dryrobes into each seasac, and you'll still have room to pack your sandwiches. 

Picnic Bag

What trip to the beach is complete without taking a picnic? The seasac is your perfect picnic companion, big enough to fill with food for all of the family. 

Beach Games Bag

We love a big family beach game and carrying all your games to the beach is made easy with the seasac. Carry your rounders set, cricket bats, footballs, boule, or what ever your favourite beach games are. 

BBQ Bag 

Who doesn't love a sunset beach BBQ after a day of fun in the sun?

Easily take your BBQ tools, charcoal and all the food you need to the beach using your seasac.

Beach Chairs

Make your day at the beach extra luxurious by bringing your beach chairs. You can easily carry your chairs in your extra large seasac beach bag with its comfy over the shoulder strap.

And when you are not at the beach, don't let your seasac go to waste. 

Swimming Kit Bag

What better use for your splashproof seasac than for your swimming kit. Use it to take to the pool, and then store your swimmers in it when you are back at home. 

Laundry Bag

Easily take your laundry to the laundrette (or even home to mum?!) in your roomy seasac. Or use your seasac instead of a laundry basket at home for versatile laundry storage.

Gym Bag 

Carry your gym kit in your seasac for a handy every day way to utilise this multi use beach bag. Don't forget it's easy to wipe clean. 

Storage Bag

Easily store items in your seasac such as towels, sheets or clothing. Finding places at home for extra storage is always useful. Utilise spaces such under your bed, on top of wardrobes or under the stairs for storage space.

Carry on Bag 

Small enough to fit in an overhead locker but big enough to carry a lot of stuff, make the most of your seasac when you travel by using it as your carry on bag. 

Most airlines give you a generous weight restriction (if any) for your carry on bags, so utilise the space in your seasac the best you can.

Shopping Bag

Don't forget your seasac when you head to the supermarket and never buy another shopping bag again. Also send us back your seasac when you feel it's come to the end of it's life, we'll recycle it and send you back a wash bag for free. 

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